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A Call to Women Inside the Station
So it's not surprising that many KPFA women who have reported or witnessed harassment have not done so publicly. But now is the time. This is the moment when women's voices can have a huge impact on putting an end to discrimination against women at KPFA.

We urge you, the women inside the station, to come forward now with incidents of harassment or discrimination that you have either witnessed or been targeted by. If you feel that you still can't do so publicly, we'd still like to talk with you. If you ask that the conversation be held in confidence, it will be. We can be reached at 707.887.0262 or tanya@purpleberets.org.

We also know that in the past women have been solicited to fabricate complaints against the whistle-blowers in order to undermine their claims of discrimination. Using women to destroy other women is an age-old tactic. Don't get played!

July 2005
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