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Maria Teresa Macias - Murdered April 15, 1996

The Murder of
María Teresa Macias

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María Teresa Macias:
Abbreviated Chronology of Contacts with Sonoma County Sheriff

Teresa reports Avelino's physical abuse of one of her children to the Sheriff's Dept. Despite two adult witnesses to the abuse, deputies made no arrest and wrote no report.

March 31:
Teresa reports Avelino's physical and sexual abuse of three young children. Her statement generated a report to Child Protective Services and the Sheriff's Dept. Although the Sheriff's Dept. found corroborating evidence of the abuse, no criminal charges were filed, leaving the case under the jurisdiction of Child Protective Services.

April 24: Teresa receives a restraining order against Avelino.

January 20:
Teresa calls to report Avelino stalking and harassing her in a grocery store. The Sheriff's Dept. told Teresa to leave the store.

January 21: Avelino breaks into Teresa's apartment. Teresa and her children close themselves up in a room, but Avelino enters that room as well. The Sheriff responds to a call to her home where Teresa reports all that happened.

January 22: Teresa obtains a temporary restraining order, requiring that Avelino make no contact with Teresa or her family.

January 23: Avelino comes to Teresa's housecleaning job in a Glen Ellen home and refuses to leave. Avelino is angry and threatening not only to Teresa but to the homeowner and the homeowner's family as well. Teresa calls the sheriff.

January 23: Teresa delivers copies of her restraining order paper to Sheriff's Sonoma substation.

January 23: Later that day, Avelino asks friend Marty Cabello to call the sheriff after Avelino blocked her car into the driveway with his car and wouldn't let her leave. The deputy, shown the restraining order by Teresa, tells Avelino to move his car. The deputy leaves.

January 23: That same evening Cabello calls the sheriff again because Avelino still has not moved his car. The deputy again tells Avelino to move his car.

January 31: Teresa calls the sheriff to report Avelino's continual violations of the restraining order calling her on the phone and coming to her apartment. Deputy Mark Lopez responds to the call. He then calls Avelino, who denied the violations.

February 15: Teresa goes to court hearing in which her restraining order is made permanent by the judge. Avelino is also present, and thus aware the restraining order continues in force.

February 20: CPS social worker Suni Levi calls the Sheriff's Department to report that Avelino was "showing up everywhere," and ask why Teresa's restraining order is not being enforced.

February 21: Teresa, shaking in fear, and her friend Marty Cabello go the to Sheriff's Sonoma substation near midnight to report that Avelino was following them in his car, including following them right up to the substation. Cabello reports that Avelino is following and threatening to kill Teresa "more than ever." Teresa also reports two other incidents of stalking, one on February 14th when Avelino had shown up at her night school and tried to give her flowers and a Valentine card, and another incident in which he showed up at her church.

February 22: Teresa goes to the Sheriff's substation to bring in her written statements of Avelino's abuse and harassment.

February 23: Teresa goes to the substation to drop off a written statement and to report that Avelino was again stalking her as she entered a store. Teresa had tried to flag down a sheriff's patrol car. Avelino is continuing to call her apartment.

February 23: Teresa returns home to find Avelino calling her again. She called the Sheriff's Department to report it to deputy Lopez. On the dispatch tape of this 911 call, Lopez can be heard saying, "I can't keep filing a report every time she calls."

February 28: Avelino stalks Teresa all day in the streets, then follows her to another employer's home. Teresa flagged down a patrol car. The deputy finds Avelino and tells him to stay away from Teresa. Teresa writes out additional reports dated February 27th and 28th and delivers them to the substation.

March 1: Both Teresa and her roommate call the Sheriff to report Avelino had tried to open Teresa's car door while her mother, Sara Hernandez, was sitting in it. When Sara wouldn't open her window, Avelino left a card on the car window.

First week of March: Avelino follows Teresa to yet another housecleaning job, opening the sliding glass door of the house. He leaves only after realizing one of the residents is still in the house. Marty Cabello reports the incident and tells the Department she believes Avelino is going to kill Teresa.

First week of March: That same week, Marty Cabello again calls the sheriff to report Avelino had followed Teresa to two different jobs and is sitting in the street watching the house. Cabello is told it would be better if she didn't call anymore, but just have Teresa write down reports of stalking and bring them in.

March 18: Teresa calls 911 to report Avelino is continuing to call her, in violation of the restraining order. The dispatcher asks if Avelino has been violent in the past. "Sí, mucho," Teresa responds.

March 27: As Teresa and her mother drive to a Child Protective Services-ordered mediation with Avelino, Avelino tailgates Teresa's car. Teresa pulls into the Santa Rosa Police station and shows officers the restraining order. Avelino follows her into the station, where he is handcuffed. After a phone call to CPS worker Suni Levi, Avelino is released; no arrest is made.

April 15: Avelino follows Teresa and her mother to a housecleaning job in the town of Sonoma. As Avelino approaches the car, Sara Hernandez goes into the house to call 911. Avelino shoots Teresa in the head, then fires two shots into Sara before turning the gun on himself.

(Compiled by Tanya Brannan of Purple Berets, with information from Sheriff's Department reports and press releases, 911 tapes, documents filed in the lawsuit, witness testimony, and Teresa's diary.)


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