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Sample Public Record Information Request

Records Department
Rohnert Park Dept. of Public Safety

Under the provisions of the California Public Records Act (Gov. Code §6250), we hereby request the following information:

  1. Any and all incident, investigation and/or crime reports concerning Dale Lee Herring, DOB 8/10/57 or Kimberly Ramming, age 35, including but not limited to incidents on 6/6/02, 7/5/02, and 7/7/02.
  2. 911/dispatch and CAD records for all 911 calls/ officer dispatches to 333 Enterprise Dr., Rohnert Park.
  3. 911/dispatch and CAD records for all 911 calls/officer dispatches involving Dale Lee Herring or Kimberly Ramming at locations other than 333 Enterprise Dr.
  4. All Rohnert Park Public Safety Department Press Releases or other public communiques involving the 7/7/02 domestic violence/sexual assault incident at 333 Enterprise #7.
  5. A copy of the Rohnert Park Public Safety Department's domestic violence protocol.

As you are aware, the California Public Records Act requires that:
"Each agency, upon any request for a copy of records shall determine within 10 days after the receipt of each request whether to comply with the request and shall immediately notify the person making the request of such determination and the reasons therefor." (Gov. Code §6256)

April 2003


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