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Case Update:
The Murder of Jackie Anderson

On November 9, 1999, Mendocino County Judge Ron Brown declared David Anderson mentally incompetent to stand trial for Jackie's murder. Judge Brown handed down his ruling despite testimony that David Anderson had bragged about killing Jackie (saying she "deserved it"), and had told other jail inmates he would get a light sentence "doped up" in a mental institution because he'd fooled the court system into believing he was insane.

In yet another travesty of justice in this case so rife with law enforcement disdain and incompetence, Judge Brown ruled David Anderson wasn't competent to understand courtroom proceedings. Judge Brown ordered Anderson to the criminal psychiatric facility at Atasacadero to be evaluated, "restored," then returned to stand trial for Jackie's murder.

Anderson was competent, however, to follow through with an organized plan to kill Jackie that included conning a friend into driving him to a store to buy bullets, retrieving his gun from the house of another friend, and from there going to Jackie's house where he shot her twice in the head, then held sheriff's deputies at bay for some seven hours.

In late 2000, Anderson was found fit and returned to Mendocino County to stand trial. For trial dates stay tuned to our website's "Breaking News."

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