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These Women Needn't Have Died

Jean Lombard, age 43 Died November 29th
Jeanie Lombard was found dead in the Santa Rosa apartment of her sometime-boyfriend, Paul Finch, the morning after Thanksgiving. Lombard had been shot in the head with a crossbow. Police found a crossbow, arrows and three rifles in Finch's apartment. Finch's body was found the next day in Napa County vineyard, an apparent suicide.

Kim DeLongis, age 46 Died September 3rd
Kim DeLongis was found dead at the foot of the staircase in her Petaluma home. Husband Michael DeLongis originally told police his wife was unconscious after falling down the stairs.

However, autopsy findings show Kim DeLongis was thrown or kicked down the stairs with enough force to break through wallboard and plaster 1-inch thick, then strangled as she lay injured but conscious. DeLongis later admitted to a friend he had "ended her life" after attacking her in a drunken rage.

Melia S. Ranteesi, age 41 Died August 7th
Melia Ranteesi of Rohnert Park was killed by her estranged husband when she went to pick up her four children after a visit with their father in Vacaville. All four children witnessed portions of the attack. According to police, Simon Fareed Ranteesi killed Melia with a blow to the head with a blunt metal object. Fareed had been arrested twice previously for spousal abuse against Melia.

Kimberly Ramming, age 35 Died July 8th
Kimberly Ramming was found dead in her bathtub two days after she reported being held hostage for more than 24 hours, beaten, strangled and raped by Rohnert Park pharmacist Dale Herring. Her death has been ruled a suicide due to an overdose of the prescription drug fentanyl, ostensibly provided by Herring. Ramming had previously called police when Herring refused to leave her apartment. (For more on Kimberly Ramming click here.)

January 2003


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