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Debi Zuver . . . In Her Own Words

To hear Noelle Hanrahan's interview with Debi Zuver recorded moments after she was sentenced to 21 years in prison, click here.

Moments after being hit with Judge Daum's mind-numbing sentence, KPFA Flashpoints' Noelle Hanrahan interviewed Debi on tape. Because of new, Draconian rules prohibiting audio- or video-taping California state prisoners, this is the last recording we will have of Debi Zuver until she is released. Here are excerpts from that interview and from conversations between Debi and Purple Berets' Tanya Brannan. (For a compact disc of the entire interview, send $10 to Purple Berets.)

On the abuse she suffered:
"Once he hit me so hard in the chest with his hands, he knocked me off my feet. I flew back in the air six feet and landed sprawled on my back in the driveway."

On Garloff's threats:
"He said, ‘You're my star witness, Baby. You better hope I end up walkin' out of this, because if I'm through, you're through. And you're dead."

On why she never called police:
"Right! He'd bail in an hour, and I'd be dead that night."

On the shooting:
"All I could think was, ‘This guy's gonna kill me. And he's here right now and he's in my house and he's threatening me. I come out from around a corner ... thinking I'm going to my sponsor's house and next thing you know I've got the guy standing inside my house locking the door. All I thought was I was trying to save my life."

On the difference between her case and Pelfini's:
"I should have been a doctor."

Debi Zuver's message to other battered women:
"If you're a battered woman and you're out there and you're hearing me, get help. Call someone ... tell someone ... call the police. Do anything – just get away. Stay away. And whatever you do, please don't end up like me."

January 24, 2002


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