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A Letter from Debi Zuver

Greetings from inside the walls of Central California's Women's Facility. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for their letters of support, kindness, generosity, stamps, money contributions, books, magazines, and for extending your hands in friendship. The response to the Purple Berets' hard work and efforts has been phenomenal. I can't possibly show my gratitude enough!!

Debi zuver at CCWF in SeptemberAs many of you know, I have filed an appeal. Herb Blanck was retained for this process largely due to the generosity of the Purple Berets. This is my only hope for getting the sentence modification I justly deserve. The process can take up to two years. It's a length of time I am anxious about; the waiting is very difficult for me. But I have faith that not only will my appeal go through but that with the support of individuals and organizations such as the Berets, justice will prevail on my behalf.

I could never do this alone. Your letters of support and gifts help me to get through one day to the next. Please keep them coming, as it is therapeutic to me responding to each and everyone who reaches out to me. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that members of my community ... "the free world" ... still care. There were points in my life not too long ago when I had really begun to doubt the kindness of my fellow men and women.

I am presently serving my 21-year sentence in a level-4 maximum security prison. The healthcare here is medieval. There are limited educational opportunities and most aspects of life here are atrocious at best. Still I persevere. I am focusing all my energy on bettering myself as a person to ensure a happier, healthier and more harmonious life in the future.

"In the midst of winter I finally dis-covered in me an invincible summer." (Sir Albert Camus). This remains my motto. It's an affirmation that is embedded in the depths of my soul.

I am a battered woman. I am your mother, your daughter, your aunt, sister and friend. I am a survivor! I am grateful to be alive, though this can hardly be called "living."

When I get out of here I plan to attend either Sonoma State or San Francisco State University for a degree in nonprofit administration. My dream is to one day work side-by-side with Tanya Brannan and the Purple Berets to help other women like me.

I believe my ordeal will give me the determination and heart to understand the needs of other battered women. I just don't want anyone else to end up like me.

In closing, again thank you for your love and kindness.

Debi Zuver

Debi Zuver W#93142
CCWF 506-10-3 low
PO Box 1508
Chowchilla, CA 93610-1508

January 2003


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