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Here's Hoping For a Happy New Year

January 3, 2002

It was the first sunny day of the New Year and Purple Berets activists, besieged by months of rain, floods and a bad case of cabin fever, were rarin' to get out in the sun. And what better place than the sunny steps of the Sonoma County Hall of Justice?

At noon a hardy band of women's rights workers, armed only with flyers and songsheets, serenaded the courthouse workers, giving them a little comic relief from their dull, depressing work environment and, while we were at it, calling for the resignation of District Attorney Mike Mullins and Sheriff Jim Purple Berets serenade outgoing D.A. Mike MullinsPiccinini and demanding that two of their underlings be fired.

The flyer detailed the aborted Louis Pelfini murder trial a domestic violence homicide trial gone south because of a botched investigation and videotaped evidence of prosecutorial misconduct on the part of Deputy D.A. Brooke Halsey that rises to the level of conspiracy to commit perjury.

And the song well the song speaks for itself ...

So, in hopes to add cheer to your New Year, here's the song we sang in the District Attorney's office this afternoon. You can sing along.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
(Lyrics by the Purple Berets)

On the first day of Christmas Mike Mullins gave to me
Another domestic violence homicide.
On the second day ... A botched investigation
On the third day ... Sandbagged discovery
On the fourth day ... A perjuring pathologist
On the fifth day ... Five smokin' videos!
On the sixth day ... Obstruction of justice
On the seventh day ... Seven counts of conspiracy
On the eighth day ... Freedom for Pelfini
On the ninth day ... Halsey's disbarment
On the tenth day ... A federal investigation
On the eleventh day ... His own resignation
On the twelfth day ... District Attorney Passalacqua!

(For a complete report on the Pelfini debacle, please read
Pelfini: The Case to Topple the District Attorney?)

January 24, 2002


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