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Maria Teresa Macias - Murdered April 15, 1996

The Murder of
María Teresa Macias

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The Story of María Teresa Macias
The Legacy of Teresa Macias
In the Wake of Macias
Instead of Helping Me
Teresa's Contacts with the Sheriff's Dept.
Law Enforcement Lies
California Attorney General Investigation
Investigating Domestic Violence Homicide
The Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit
El legado de Teresa
El caso de derechos de las mujeres que cambió al mundo
The Macias Trial: Women's History in the Making
Legal History of the Case
What the Appeals Court Decision Means
Judge Steps Down in Macias Case
Macias Lawsuit Text as Filed, (Second Amended Complaint)
Sound files of 911 tapes
February 21, 1996 (mp3, 660 kb)
February 23, 1996 (mp3, 4.1 MB)
March 1, 1996 (mp3, 8 MB)
March 18, 1996 (mp3, 4.6 MB)

NEW! 28-minute radio documentary on the Macias case produced for Women's International News Gathering Services (WINGS) by Noelle Hanrahan.

Interview (mp3, 22.9 MB)
Federal Appeals Court Ruling (Complete Text)
Law Enforcement Expert Witness Declaration
Psychological Expert Witness Declaration
Trial Flyer
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Macias Photo Gallery


Marie Teresa Macias - Day of the Dead Altar, 1999

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