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Inside SRPD's DV Unit

It's easy to speculate that one reason domestic violence laws aren't being rigorously enforced by Santa Rosa police is the attitude of at least one of the officers on their domestic violence unit.

Let's take a look at Detective John Noland.

September 15, 1990
Noland shot and killed Charles Weber, pumping twelve bullets into him
as Weber fled.

January 17, 1991
Noland brutalized protestor Kit Mariah in a peaceful civil disobedience action at a Gulf War demonstration. Mariah states that Noland twisted back her left arm and lifted her off the floor. "I was hanging there like a rag doll." Mariah suffered permanent injuries.

Later in 1991
Noland repeatedly jabbed another anti-war protestor Shannon Williams in the ribs as Williams stood silent and motionless.

July 4, 1997
Noland shot David Wharton, a mentally ill man who was threatening to kill himself. Noland stated that Wharton had stood up, turned toward him and was going for his gun. Wharton, however, had only one leg and wasn't wearing his prosthesis at the time. No way he stood up; Wharton says he never saw Noland.

Despite this record, Noland received SRPD Distinguished Service awards in 1999 and 2000 and was promoted to the domestic violence unit. At least one DV victim has already complained of Noland's conduct.

January 2003

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