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Free Debi Zuver!

To support Debi Zuver in her efforts to overturn Judge Daum's incredibly unjust sentence:

1. Donate to our efforts to get her sentence overturned on appeal. You can help by donating money to RJF/Purple Berets. (Credit card donations can be made via our website.) You can also help by inviting us to speak about her case, helping us get articles about her into newsletters and other publications, or donating your time.

2. Write to Debi. If you can, include stamps to help her keep in communication with friends and family.
Debi Zuver W#93142
CCWF 506-10-3 low
PO Box 1508
Chowchilla, CA 93610-1508

3. Get the "Purple Berets Investigations" CD, which includes Noelle Hanrahan's riveting 20-minute interview with Debi moments after the sentencing. The CD is available with your $50 donation.

4. Help us get Debi's interview aired on other radio stations.

March 24, 2002


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